About Us

The Rallye66 Benefit Car Show began 11 years ago and is a ministry of First Christian Church.  The team of Elders came to the staff and asked us if we could put together a benefit car show for a church member who was in need of surgery.  Of course we said yes and the event was born.  The early show was known by a different name, Rendezvous66 Benefit Car Show.

2015 was a very formative and busy year for the Rallye.  We changed the name from Rendezvous66 to Rallye66, we added a 5K run/walk, and we changed gears in our fundraising benefit.

For many years we were honored to work with the Carthage Crisis Center in Carthage, MO as our fundraising benefit, but we felt moved into another direction.  In 2015 we partnered with Peterson Outdoors Ministries in Joplin, MO. Peterson Outdoors works primarily with wounded combat veterans, aka wounded warriors, who came home from their service to our nation injured either physically or emotionally or both.

We also added a 5K to the event.  Adding this event allowed many folks who wanted to help in the benefit, but don’t like cars, if that is even possible, to be involved as well.

First Christian Church is excited to continue this ministry for 2017.  Slight changes are happening for the 2017 Rallye66 Benefit Car Show & Rallye66 Benefit 1 3 5.  In 2017 we will be adding a 5 Mile RangerRun Team Challenge.  Click here for more info on the Team Challenge.

For more information on the other ministries offered by First Christian Church please visit us on the web at : fcccarthage.com