Up’s 411

There are countless correct ways, and quite a few wrong ways, to do  the ups that are required in the 5M RangerRun, that is the Push-ups, Sit-ups and Pull-ups.  We recognize that each of us trains to a specific standard to improve in our fitness and discipline.  At the Rallye66 Benefit 1 3 5 we have chosen to follow the standard our nation’s soldiers use for their APFT or Army Physical Fitness Test.

In an effort to keep the competition as objective and fair as possible we feel it very important to have a common standard that each movement is judged by.  In addition to having the standards of the movements listed on the page and explained in video form, we will demonstrate each movement the day of the event and we will have judges present during the competition to ensure we are all operating from the same standard.

  1. Below you will find three videos that illustrate the judging standards we will follow.  We have illustrated the correct movement in each video as well as a few common mistakes.
  2. A judge will explain and demonstrate the push-up, sit-up and pull-ups the day of the event.
    1. Push-up
      1. hands are to be at least shoulder width apart,
      2. feet can either be together or up to 1ft apart.
      3. the body must form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles
      4. head up & eyes looking forward
      5. starting from full arm extension and moving down until the arm breaks a 90 degree angle
      6. push back up to full extension.
    2. Sit-up
      1. Placing hands beside the head
      2. legs bent to 90 degrees
      3. feet can either be held or not held
      4. starting from your back on the floor move sit up till your chest touches your knees
      5. go back down until shoulder blades touch the floor and repeat
    3. Pull-up
      1. hands facing backward/palms facing you
      2. hands shoulder width apart
      3. from full extension bring your chin over the bar
      4. then back down to full extension
      5. Competitor is allowed one drop from the bar
  3. New for 2018 are the judges who will help us all compete by the same standards.  These men and women are there not to micro manage but to help us all ensure we are staying as closely to the presented standards as possible.  The partner you are coupled with to help you count your repetitions will be the first standard bearer and the judges are there to help guide the competitors.


While we are not trying to be Rangers, this competition is simply an opportunity for us to say “thank you” for all the hard work and dedication they have put into becoming an Army Ranger.