Transforming Lives from the Battlefield to the Blind-Stories of Hope and Healing in God’s Great Outdoors

This was placed on behalf of Tron Peterson-Director of Peterson Outdoors Ministries

If you have ever had a friend or relative join the military then you have seen first hand the transformation that takespeterson_leterhead-logo place in their lives from being a civilian to becoming a Soldier or Marine, ready to protect our freedoms in the theater of combat.

You may have also witnessed a transformation when a wounded combat veteran comes back from multiple deployments, many times suffering with issues such as PTSD, TBI, loss of limbs, survivors guilt, moral wounds and the list goes on.

In this blog I want to share with you about some positive transformations that I and those of us at Peterson Outdoors Ministries have witnessed first hand. It is the transformation that happens when God uses ordinary people like you and I to help transform and bring healing to a wounded and broken spirit.WWH Tron photo 014-1

We accomplish this through a faith based program that takes the soldier from the battlefield to the hunting blind where they experience the solitude of the outdoors, combined with the comraderie of other veterans and a message that God still has a plan and purpose for their life!

We have seen God transform lives, restore marriages, heal broken families and bring purpose to the lives of many.

Ricky and Rebecca Burnett

Ricky Burnett, a Marine from North Carolina wrote, “ Hey, I wanted to let you know that I am one of Peterson Outdoors Ministries success stories. I have looked down the barrel of a .45 and my marriage has been on the verge of being just a memory. Because of what you have done I have my kids, my wife, and my life back with purpose.”

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Richie Condon & His wife with his harvest

Richie Condon, a soldier from Delmar Delaware wrote, “ This was absolutely the best trip, hunt, experience of my life!! This particular event changed my life forever and improved me as a father, a husband, a man!”

Josh Wofford, a soldier from Jacksonville, Florida and an army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom wrote, “My passion for hunting sometimes takes me away from my family. On this hunt my family was welcomed with open IMG_2871arms and we all enjoyed ourselves. Since the hunt we have grown closer as a family! In closing, I left the Peterson Outdoors hunt with a peace of mind I haven’t had since I joined the Army, a feeling lighter than the one I arrived with. Something changed in me for the good. I believe I left Nashville, Missouri with a new perspective on life. This may sound too incredible to accept. Although, once in a great while you run into a few people doing great things and it changes you!”

Many of these veterans and their families from the stories above are now working as volunteers within Peterson Outdoors Ministries and helping change lives, that just like theirs that were on the verge of becoming just another statistic.

You as individuals reading this, can partner with Peterson Outdoors Ministries by giving of your time, your resources, your talents, and abilities to help transform the lives of military veterans and their families who will be coming to future events.

We could not do what we do without the support of individuals, businesses, churches, landowners, and volunteers.

Benefits like the Rallye66 Benefit 1 3 5 and Rallye66 Benefit Show help us change lives and we look forward to another partnership in 2016 as we strive to make a difference in the name of Christ together!pomlogo_dark

Tron Peterson -Director
Peterson Outdoors Ministries