My Calling…

I never felt the call to service for my country. However, if my country did call for me, I would do so without

Andy awarding first place...

Andy awarding first place…

hesitation. But then there are those that did hear that call, and did make that choice to defend my freedom, and my country. That’s why it is so important to me personally to support those men and women in uniform. Every opportunity I get, I thank a service member for their service, past or present.   I also mourn those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Additionally, there are those that return home with scars that are outwardly visible, and also those scars you cannot see. We cannot forget these wounded veterans because of the sacrifices they have made and the struggles that continue long after they have left the battlefield. While their duty has ended, it is the responsibility of all Americans to continue to care for the needs of our fine veterans. This is why my support for the efforts of Peterson Outdoors Ministries is so strong.

clouds_logoMyself, and the entire Cloud family have supported Peterson Outdoor Ministries for years. The Clouds have found a unique bond with the organization because of the belief in their mission. Also, Petersons has specific needs our business can provide. Cloud’s Meats is a full service meat processor. For years The Cloud family has donated meals for hunts, banquets, and fundraiser events. With great pleasure Clouds donates raffle prizes, and meat bundles to aid in funding Peterson’s operation. As a processer of smoked meats Cloud’s will make and provide snack sticks and summer sausage of various species for the veterans and staff at hunts. I even made some bear snack sticks for them one time.

The people with Peterson Outdoor Ministries are very talented at what they do. They always find a way to make these hunts or fishing trips possible regardless of the needs and disability of the veteran. Helping those with severe PTSD work through the darkest period of their life. Giving help, hope, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ in their ministry. Just a single intervention could save a marriage, or a life.pomlogo_dark

Anyone can use their talents, just like Peterson Outdoor Ministries does, in a way to benefit our wounded veterans. That’s why the Rallye66 race is so important to me. I’m not a counselor or a fellow veteran that can fully understand what these men and women go through. Furthermore, my hunting skills are not the greatest.   But I can use my talents and passions to help the organization that does have those people. Directing the 2015 Rallye66 5K was an honor. While challenging, the efforts of myself, the volunteers, and the participants yielded Peterson Outdoor Ministries the ability to do even more. That’s why I’m so excited about 2016 Rallye66 1-3-5 with a goal to raise even more funds. If you want to join in helping with this wonderful organization, sign up for the race, volunteer, or even become a Rallye66 sponsor!

God Bless

Andy Cloud