Beginner 5K Training Plan

There are many great ways to begin training for a 5K.  The following example, taken from ACTIVE.COM, is just one that we found that eases the beginner into an exercise plan that works for them.  The key with any plan is simply doing it.  Grab a friend and make a commitment together to do this thing.  YOU CAN DO IT! Just begin.  Don’t wait till Monday or the weekend just begin.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you see changes in your fitness.

Also, there is no shame in walking all, half or part of a 5K.  The goal is not to set records but to begin and finish the race.  Just like our faith, it is not a sprint but a marathon.  Some days feel great but others not so much.  Some days are easy to get outside and get moving other days we just want to sit inside and eat ice cream.  This is why having a friend or group in your corner is so important.

Now get up and let’s do this…